Substantiating the Cost of Veneers

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Many people dislike their smile. Even when everything else about the way they look is put together, crooked teeth do stand out. There is a solution in the form of veneers, but many people are wary of what the dental veneers cost. Indeed, the cost of veneers is rather expensive, but when you think about what you get, it's worth every penny you'll have to pay.

Crooked teeth aren't the only reason to get veneers. If you want your teeth to be a different shape or a different color, they're also a good option. If you want whiter teeth, it won't take many procedures at all before you get the results you're looking for. As you can see, veneers are effective in terms of what you get and how long it takes to get that.

The material veneers are made with strongly influences the final cost. Resin dental veneers cost less. Though they are almost always well made and will last a long time, better qualities are even more prevalent with porcelain veneers. Of course, then, you will have to pay more for this second option. Your dentist should help you with this decision.

You might be surprised by just how much the cost changes when you move up from resin to porcelain veneers. The former can go for as little as $1000 for the entire set while the latter can cost upwards of a thousand dollars for each tooth. But it might still be worth it to look at porcelain, which can last more than twelve years instead of the six with resin.

As already mentioned, getting dental veneers is a relatively fast process. You'll have to go to your dentist a few times, doing different things each time, but this usually goes quickly. All you'll have to take care of the first time is a few x-rays which your dentist will look at, in coordination with what you tell them about why you're getting veneers.

Trip two is where everything really takes place. After you get something to alleviate pain, your dentist will begin the process of filing your teeth until they reach your desired shape. From this, he will make a mold which will have to be taken for the veneers to be made. Here you'll have to wait a few hours, or days, but there should only be one visit left.

Soon, your veneers will be ready. You'll only need to have your dentist put them on and look at the results. He'll talk a bit more with you, making sure you're pleased with the results, but so long as you are, there's nothing left to worry about. The whole process won't have taken long at all, and you can leave with the lasting results right away.

Even after reading this, you might ask yourself: Do I really want veneers? The answer is a resounding yes. Even though you might have to work a little harder to pay for them, it will all pay off. Chances are you notice how people smile at you, so you should know that others will notice your smile as well. Make sure it's the best one you can show them.

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Substantiating the Cost of Veneers

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This article was published on 2010/04/01