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Businesses are nothing new to the cost of marketing their products or services. In fact, most of a business expense comes from marketing. This is why many business owners these days are looking for cost effective solutions to lower down marketing cost. Thanks to modern technology, many printing jobs can now be done at low cost.

If you are looking for a cost effective marketing materials to use as part of your marketing campaign, there is one you can create without spending a lot of money. These are the postcards. These cards are remarkably inexpensive to produce but they can effectively promote your business.

For you to design and create post cards without sacrificing your business budget, it is a must to pick the right options carefully. Make sure that you will only settle for the best choices to reduce the cost of printing your postcards without sacrificing their quality and effectiveness. To help you in doing this process, below are some of the tips or ideas that you can always use to make the most out of your budget.

Create smaller but very effective postcards. With this, the usually high cost of postcard printing will be dramatically reduced. Post cards usually have the standard size of four by six inches. If you stick with this size, you need not pay extra for the printing cost. Keep in mind that if you want to create and print your affordable postcards, making them small is your best option.
Use ordinary and less expensive materials. This means that it is a must to utilize ordinary but heavy duty paper stocks. Although using a thicker paper stock will give your cards better leverage when it comes to durability but it will cost you more. If you really want to bring down the cost of printing, use lighter and thinner paper stocks instead. Moreover, using standard inks rather than the expensive ones will also help you cut down the cost of printing.
Use one sided full color postcard printing. If you have been using full color printing on both sides of your postcards, its time to change it and only make full color printing on one side of your postcard. Keep in mind that full color printing is cost. So, if you want to trim down the cost, dont print both sides on full color. Surely, doing this will not reduce the effectiveness of your post card.
Modify or customize your post card. We all want to have good looking and attractive postcards, right? Customizing though will cost you extra. But if do minor modifications, you can surely save a lot of money. Dont use too large images or overly creative designs. Just keep your post cards simple, but reflective of your business image.
Order in large numbers. The more you order, the bigger the discount you will get. Most online printing companies nowadays offer large discounts every time you order in bulk. So, take advantage of this option when ordering your post cards online.
Research. Before your hire a printer, its best to do a research first. Submit your design to several printers and ask for their price quotes. Whichever can best deliver the design that you want without spending a lot of money should be your choice.
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Save On Postcard Printing

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This article was published on 2010/12/10