Medifast For Around $10 Per Day (And Sometimes Less)

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Yesterday, I received an email from someone who asked me "is it true that I can get all of my meals for Medifast for about $10 per day?"  The answer to this is that for the most part you can, but it really depends upon which package you want. And actually, if you are using coupons you can probably do a bit better than this.  Plus, your cost per day depends somewhat on your lean and green meal.  I'll explain this more in the following article.

The Cost Of The Medifast Women's Basic Plan Does Cost About $10 Per Day: The women's 5 plus 1 plan is probably the company's most popular.  This is the plan that the celebrities are on and is the most reasonably priced.  You eat six times per day on this plan, but only five of these meals are provided.  The cost of this package is $299.  If you counted that as $300, that is $10 per day to the penny.  However, the company almost always offers incentives and discounts in terms of free food (2 – 3 weeks) or money off (usually $55 off a monthly package.  You can see what the latest specials are at 

Now, if you're going with the heart health package (with the omega 3s) or the momentum package (metabolism boosting) you'll pay a bit more. Specifically, the heart health package is $327 and the momentum line is $350. And, you don't get more meals with these packages, but there are additions to the food to make them considered "enhanced." For example, the momentum foods have caffeine and the active ingredients in green tea to speed your metabolism and the heart health foods have omega 3s added in.

I often tell people that if you use coupons, the cost per day is often closer to $8, but this is before you figure in your lean and green cost.

The Medifast Lean and Green Meal Cost And How This Relates To Your Bottom Line: As I said before, you're only provided with five of the six required meals (hence the name 5 plus 1.)  So, once per day, you are going to have to prepare a meal yourself.  The company wants you eating lean protein and three servings of vegetables and you're basically free to achieve this in any combination that you like.  But, you will have to purchase groceries for this, so the cost will need to be added in to get your total.  However, this really isn't all that much.  You can buy the meat / protein in bulk and eat local and seasonal vegetables.  I don't really add anything on to my grocery bill with this, I just eat the healthful version of what my family is already eating.

So, the short answer to the "$10 per day" question is basically pretty much yes, as long as your choosing the medifast 5 plus 1 plan and as long as you're using coupons and being reasonable on your lean and green meal.  I actually believe that I probably spend less than the ten bucks, but I have the lean and green and the discounts down to a science by now.

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Medifast For Around $10 Per Day (And Sometimes Less)

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This article was published on 2011/01/06