How Much Does Medifast Cost Per Month?

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It's pretty well known that I've been on this diet for a while and I'm asked this question quite a bit. This article will discuss the cost of the monthly medifast packages. Know that you can buy the products individually, but you would pay a bit more and it would be difficult for me to tell you how much this would cost since the cost of each food / product varies.

That said, there are about five different women's monthly packages available. Therefore, I'll go over many of the popular plans and discuss the monthly cost of each. (Note that there are coupons, specials, and free food deals available which I will also discuss.)

Monthly Price Of The Most Popular Medifast Women's 5 Plus 1 Plan: I find that most women dieters are on this plan (including celebrity spokespeople Genie Francis and Kristi Swanson). You eat five of the plan's prepackaged means and prepare one "lean and green" meal on your own. This plan contains 143 meals, including shakes, bars, oatmeals, eggs, soups, fruit drinks, puddings, and cappuccinos. The monthly cost of this plan is $299 without any coupon savings. With coupons, it's less than that.

Monthly Cost Of Medifast Momentum Package: I believe that this option is probably the second most popular package. Basically, the momentum products add 100 mg of EGCG (the antioxidant in green tea) that is meant to boost your metabolism. The products here are called momentum meals and there are two choices. These are flavor infusers (that are sort of like Crystal Light), and the small meals (shakes, cappuccinos, and lattes.) In addition to the momentum meals, this package offers the typical shakes, bars, oatmeals, and puddings. The cost of this one is $353.30 per month.

Price Of Medifast For Diabetics Monthly Package: This package is very similar to the five plus one, except that it does not include the pudding and cappuccinos as they are not optimal for folks with diabetes. You're still getting 143 meals, but you're getting more of the other items that are diabetic friendly. This one cost $299 as well for a month's worth of food.

Cost Of Enhanced / Heart Healthy Monthly Package: This is basically the five plus one plan with omega 3s and fatty acids added for heart, hair, and nail health. The foods offered are not really different from the other plans, except for the addition of the omega 3s. This package cost $327.

The Medifast Gluten Free Package Costs The Same:  Like many of the basic medifast packages, the gluten free line is $299 per month without coupons.

Discounts, Specials, Free Food: Medifast almost always has specials, coupons and discounts available. Generally, you can find codes that will give you some weeks of free food (up to a $70 value) or other incentives. Webmasters like myself update and make available the latest medifast codes as they come out.

Now, you'll also need to factor in the cost of your lean and green meals. You'll be preparing one of these per day. This is basically lean protein and veggies. You can make this very simple and inexpensive by buying bulk lean meat and bagged salads / stir fry. (Of course, if you love to cook, you can make this more elaborate.)

Although I was worried about the cost at first, it just hasn't been a factor. In reality in today's economy, it's cheaper than gas and groceries and it also keeps me from giving in and buying / eating junk or fast food that are not good for me or my wallet. Mixing the plan's hot chocolate and cappuccino to make my own morning mocha has saved me tons on Starbucks which was expensive and loaded with calories I don't need anyway.

I can offer you the latest medifast coupons, specials and deals on my diet review blog at

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How Much Does Medifast Cost Per Month?

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This article was published on 2010/09/30